Sunday, December 21, 2008

Weekend Before Christmas

Well I must say that it has been a pretty busy weekend. My youngest son had a basketball game and it was a tight game but they came through and won 22-17. Go Wildcats!!! We then did some last minute Christmas shopping and the mall was crowded. I tell you they say the econmy is causing people to spend less but I would've never known as many people who were at the mall, I think everyone and his brother was out yesterday. We then came home and ate dinner and then watched a couple of Christmas movies. Today I made some soap. I have a show coming up in January and I am trying to have enough of a selection for people to choose from.

I made re-batched Oatmeal, Milk and Honey soap, my first ever salt bar and I must give credit to Anhoki. I used one of her recipes and changed it a bit and I think it came out perfect. Thank you Anhoki. I then made Margarita and Lime Yoguart Soap and it looks so pretty (if I must say so myself). I'll be off for a couple of weeks after Tuesday so I plan on being busy, busy, busy.

This is the OMH Rebatched

My First ever Salt Bar - Fragranced with Juniper Mist and Pink Grapefruit, smells wonderful

Margarita Lime before I cut it

And this is the sign I made for my Show in January