Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Latest Creation!

For some reason I have this thing about making soap look like desserts.  I've made Popsicle soaps, cupcake soaps and bath fizzies, ice cream soaps and even chocolate covered strawberries bath melts.  I've also made soap bundt cakes; but I wanted to make a soap cake with layers and looked like a birthday cake.  I had been looking for some round silicone molds and the other day, my dear friend Malene had gone to an estate sale and bought a ton of silicone molds.  In the lot that she purchased were two round ones and she gave them to me!  I was tickled pink and couldn't wait to start experimenting.  How hard could it be? 

Well, let me tell you, it was no easy feat.  First the layers came out perfect, but I forgot that I had put goats milk in them, so they started to gel.  I realized this as I was almost finished with my whipped soap that I was going to ice them with.  I had to rush and put them in the fridge to stop them from gelling.  So time stood still for a while and my whipped soap was starting to set up.  Well, I couldnt let it go to waste so I got the layers back out, still partially gelled, but I continued on.  I think it kind of work to my advantage to a certain extent.  It really was like icing a cake!  I wanted to used more colors;  but time was not on my side so I had to make do.

So from that experience, I now know what to do and not do, so I'm anxious to make my next decorated cake.  I have several ideas going through my head for some other cakes and can't wait to get busy.  Here is a pic of the completed product and maybe I can video myself making the next one.  I am conflicted on how I should fragrance my cakes.  Should I go with a bakery scent or just a scent that I like.  This one is fragranced with Cool Water for Her and smells devine!

Layers before being iced.
Completed Cake!
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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Packaged Soaps for an Order I had.

I have gotten a couple of large orders recently and this was one if the orders and how I wrapped them.  I must admit that I am happy with the way they turned out.  The packaging matches the soap inside.  These are Green Springs and Goldie Dreadlocks.  Going to deliver them today and will let you know what she thinks.

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