Friday, June 14, 2013

New Soaps

The new year brings up-coming festivals and making new soaps.  Sadly the last few festivals have rained either one or both days.  But that doesn't stop me from making soap and coming up with new ideas for products to include in my shop.  I love making soap and always thinking of new ideas for this one or that one.  Sometimes I will wake up from my sleep with an idea for a new soap, how sad it that, lol.  this year will mark me making soap for almost 7 years.  I can't believe it has been that long.  I can still remember my first batch and last year I used the last of it.  Who would've thought that I would love doing what I do.  I am still holding out on my dream to have an actual store and I have a vision of the design and layout and dying to see it come to fruition.  I will continue to strive and work towards that goal.  In the meantime, my presence will continue on-line and social media.  Here are some of the soaps that I have made in the last few months. 
Lemon Berry Ice Cream Soap

Appollo for Him with Poppy Seeds

Strawberries and Cream Cupcake Soaps

Unscented Goat's Milk Soap

Banana Facial Bar

Fresh Linen

Opening My Door to Another World

It has been a busy year for me this year and I really can't see many accomplishments.  Last year I began working for the EF Foundation as an IEC (International Exchange Coordinator).  I find host families who are willing to host an exchange student from another country.  Students come from Germany, Norway, Taiwan, Sweden; just to name a few.  I hosted a student this year; Aron from Germany.  Aron came to us in August of last year, he attended school with my son Ryon and we have grown attached and love him dearly.  He will be leaving us soon and I hate to see him go, but I'm very sure that his mother father and siblings will be so very happy to see him.  He has changed so much from when he first came here, they are not going to recognize him.  We've been though good times and bad, and I wouldn't change any of it for the world.  Aron was able to experience some of the American culture, like fast food, country living, Disney World,  high school (prom and sports) Southern hospitality and so much more.  He made many friends and all the girls were crazy about him.  He has such a charming personality and if he read what I was saying, he would be embarrassed.  It will be failry quiet without him and I know that Ryon will be lost without his "brother" being here.  He has made a friend for life and had new experiences that he will treasure.  Aron, we love you and are going to miss you dearly.  Thankful for Skype and Facebook so that we can continue to stay in touch. 

Playing Soccer

Halloween Party

Aron and Tabitha at Prom

2012-2013 Exchange Students