Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Aftermath

A couple of weeks ago was the Longest Yard Sale and I was rearing and ready to go.  I had four truck-loads of items to sell.  I get there and get ready to set up and the first problem is that I notice that my canopy is looking kinda funny and then I see that there are several bent bars and a few broken ones too.  Well, I immediately blame my boys and I was fuming.  I later learn that my mother had allowed the church to use my canopy and when they were using it a storm came up and blew it down.  I was upset, needless to say because no one had the courtesy to let me know.  Anyway, I fixed it the best way I could and started unloading my stuff and putting it under the canopy to get ready for the next day.  That took me six hours, after working 8 hours already, I was exhausted.  I come home and hit the sack so I can be rested and ready for the next day.  Did that happen?  Nooo, about 1 a.m I wake up to the wind blowing like crazy and lightening.  I already freak out when the winds gets bad after being in a tornado and just recently dealing withe tornadoes that hit the state back in April.  I jump up and call the boys to get up and drive to my spot.  The canopy is halfway down and it sure doesn't look like it isn't going to make it with the wind whippiing like it was.  We get out and fix it the best we can and I sit out there for about 45 minutes to see if it is going to survive.  It does, so I go back home to try and get some sleep. 

I get up the next morning and realize that I am going to have to buy a new canopy.  That definitely doesn't make me happy.  I haven't even started selling and I'm already in the hole.  I get to Wal-Mart and get the last canopy that they have.  What happens?  It starts pouring, I can barely see to drive and all I can hope is that it is not this bad back up on the mountain.  I get back and it has not rained up here so I think, we can make it.  I get the new canopy up and start setting up.  I'll be darned if it doesn't start raining and I have to rush to get everything under each canopy and close them up.  Everyone runs to their car and sits and waits and hopes that the rain is going to stop soon. Well....... it keeps raining and raining and raining, not just a light summer shower but a full blown storm.  The lightening was amazing but this storm was no joke.  I decide that it is not going to end anytiime soon, so I head home.  I poured the whole day and the whole night and didn't let up.  I go back later that evening and this is what I come upon.

Yes, canopy down, clothes soaking wet, furniture wet, soap floating in the water.  It was a total mess.  The water was just below my knees and my spot was the Only spot that flooded.  By this time, I mad, upset, frustrated, devastated and just plain through with the whole thing.  (if you ask my youngest son, he will say that I am a total drama queen, LOL).  Ok, so maybe I am being a bit overly dramatic, but it was bad.  Needless to say, I packed everything up and while we were packing up, it started to rain AGAIN!  I was soaked to the bone not once but twice! Oh well, it was an adventure, but trust me, I do not ever want to go through this ever, ever, ever again.  

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Annual Longest Yard Sale

Well it's that time of year again.  The week/weekend before school starts back around here.   It's time for the Longest Yard Sale that is about 600 miles long and spans from Gadsden, Alabama to Hudson, Michigan.  You can find anything from antiques to som crazy creation that someone calls art.  It's a time of fun, meeting people from all over the country.  You cannot imagine how many people come out to sell as well as to buy.  It usually lasts four days but the hard-core vendors come out about five days earlier ready to go.  I didn't sell last year, it was way toooo hot for me.  And it's gonna be a scorcher again this year but I am going to brave it and will be out there selling my wares and such.  I invite you to come out and see what all the fuss is about and come stop by my booth and say hello or make a sale.  Here is a link with some information about the Sale.  Hope to see you there!!!!

Longest Yard Sale Facts and Info.