Monday, January 30, 2017

Decorating for Valentine's Day

Hello 2017!  Christmas has passed and with the new year starts the new round of holidays.  Valentine's is quickly approaching and I decided for the new year I would decorate my house accordingly.  Although I make many home decor items, I never decorate my own house!  So, I made a few items to decorate my mantle and coffee table.  First, I made a set of candle holders to go on my coffee table.  I used candle stick holders and glass candle plates.  I spray painted them all in metallic silver and glued them together.  I got three large glass containers and tied tile. Ones around th and put large white pillar candles in them. Then I purchase four 5x7 gold frames. I took the backing off, removed the glass and cut vinyl stencils to make the word "love". A letter on each piece of glass and then I etched each piece.  I glued the frames to make a box and set the glass back in.  I cut a piece of foam board to go on the bottom and glued it in.  The next thing I made were rose topiaries.  I used a candle stick holder again and glued a styrofoam ball on top.  Took the roses apart and placed them around the ball.  I used a whole ball for one and a half ball for another.  The last item I made was another set of candle holders, using candle stick holders again.  I got round glass jars and glued small glass gens around each jar and glued them together.  Overall I am happy with the look and can't wait to decorate for the next holiday! Oh, and most of the items I purchased from the Dollar Tree!