Monday, May 30, 2011

cupcakes, cupcakes everywhere!

I am so loving making cupcake bath Fizzies and soap. When I first started making them, I couldn't get the frosting right. Well, after much practice and tweaking my recipe, I think I have it down pat. The above cupcake Fizzies are Canberry Orange, Margarita lime and hot pink pomergranate. I love making cupcakes so much that I have been trying my hand at real cupcakes. the second two pictures are of some of the real cupcakes that I made recently.  The second pic is of my berry lemonade cupcakes and the third pic is of the beer cupcakes that i made.  The beer cupcakes were left in for just a couple of minutes too long, so they were not as moist as I would'e liked them to be; but trust me, they went just as fast as the berry lemonade here at home.  I had given my son some to take to school and he said that he was not going to take them, they were too good to share.  He sure knows how to stroke his mom's ego, lol.  The first set of cupcakes that I made a week before were sweet potato, strawberry and chocolate cupcakes.  I may have to slow down as we might not be able to walk through the door soon.  :)

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