Monday, March 28, 2011

The Fugly Side of Soap

Well yesterday was a lazy day for me but later that day I decided that I needed to be productive so I made a batch of soap.  BIG MISTAKE!  I should've just spent the rest of the day relaxing and taking it easy.  Mistake #2 was that I tried a new recipe with a new fragrance.  #3 which is not really a mistake as I add my milk when I start to trace but apparently this time it was the wrong move.  #4 I got soap on a stick and broke one of my wooden spoons trying to stir it.  So now I had to dump the whole thing in the crock pot in an effort to save it.  Well that caused the new fragrance to burn off so I had to add more fragrance but I didn't have any more of the first fragrance so that didn't help in the fragrace section.  I finally got the majority of it melted down and poured it into my mold, which was almost two small  Made this batch a little larger by mistake.  Glopped the whole thing in and it looked awful.  I decided to add some pieces from another soap in an effort to make it look pretty.  Totally failed  Here are some pics from my soaping disaster.  It's ok if you laugh or cry and even feel a little sorry for me.  I'm taking it all in stride.  It may be fugly but it's still soap, LOL.

In the mold

out of the mold
The final cut.