Saturday, March 19, 2011

Newest batches of Soap

I made two batches of soap last weekend.  The first batch I made was Mountain Dew Soap.  Yes, I actually used Mt. Dew as the liquid in my soap.  The fragrance is also Mt. Dew and it smells pretty darn close to the taste (If that makes any sense).  When I poured the Mt. Dew it, the lye turned a deep blood orange and I wanted it to be yellow.  I used yellow pop mica and added titanium dioxide in hopes that it might look even close to yellow.  I am happy to report that it came out just as I wanted.  The second batch that I made was another beer soap and fragranced with Bramble Berry's Raspberry Porter Fragrance.  Let me tell you, their beer fragrances cannot be beat in my book.  I love all of them!  I used rapsberry leaves as an additive as well as some yougart for a nice creamy feeling.  This batch is going to be sent in for Bramble Berry's Swap and I've got two more batches to make.  Don't worry, if you think you might like to try a bar of this, I will be making a batch to sell.  I am very pleased at how both of these came out.  The white kinda looks like the foam from the beer.  I am hoping that it will not get any darker but if it does, it will be ok. (it takes nothing away from the soap).  I will be posting these on my ArtFire Shop so you can order them from there when I list them.