Friday, June 17, 2011

Bramble Berry Soap Swap 2011

I just love swaps.  It's a way to try other soapmaker's products and see the wonderful creativity that is out there. It's also a way for others to try your products.  I saw that Bramble Berry was hosting a soap swap and luckily I caught it in time and joined.  I sent in my Oatmeal Stout and Raspberry Porter Soap and in return I got some pretty good goodies from others.  Here is my haul from the swap.
the one with the apple is pretty cool and wonder how she did that.  It looks like a puzzle piece set in there.  I think my favorite is the Oatmeal Glycerin bar.  It is layered and has oatmeal just under the top and it looks so pretty.  Got lots of soap to try, yay! Can't wait for the next one.