Thursday, October 11, 2012

Giveaway is Now Open!!

Yes that's right, we have reached another milestone on Facebook.  1300 likes and counting.  I was getting kind of worried becasue FB had decided that they knew who really liked your page and who didn't so I started losing likes and didn't know why.  I'm not sure how they figure out who is real or not real or who is interested or not interested but I lost about 30 fans when I was only about 15 away from my goal.  Well Business Among Mom's had a Taggin Tuesday and within one day, I reached my goal.  So for all that hard work, you now have a chance to win a large gift basket full of many of my handmade items, to include soap, lotion, sugar scrub, facial mask, foot melts, shampoo bar, conditioner, perfume, room spray and much more.  Valued to be at least $75 so who doesn't want a chance to win that.  If you were present for any of my prior giveaways, you know that I make it worth your wild.  So come stop by  or follow this link!/earthernmagicessence/app_204684816209053 to enter,  Just follow the instructions to enter.  Winner will be announced here on my blog on Sunday, October 21st.  I am using rafflecopter so winner will be drawn at random through there.  I look forward to seeing you there and thank you all for your support.