Saturday, April 30, 2011

Storm of the Year.

On Wednesday, April 27, 2011, The South was hit with devestation.  Alabama suffered the worse in these storms.  Tornadoes hit through several counties and close to 200 died in this storm.  Tuscaloosa was one of the worse cities hit with the highest death toll.  The tornado was almost a mile wide and was on the ground for over five minutes.  In that short period of time, homes were lost, businesses gone, people were injured and the devestation is unbelievable.  Trees look like broken matchsticks.  Homes were leveled.  It truly looks like a war zone there.  Sadly, Tuscaloosa was not the only place hit.  Dekalb County suffered the second most deaths on that day.  Cullman once again suffered disaster.  Words cannot express what these towns and people have gone through.  Other counties went without power for a few days but that does not compare.  People have banned together to help those who were less fortunate and they are still looking for any help, supplies, support and prayers from others.  Let's remember those who have suffered some loss during these storms. Alabama was not the only state hit with these storms or had fatalities.  These are the times that America needs to show that we stand behind our people and are there when we need us to be.  God bless you all  My prayers go out to everyone.