Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Saying Good-bye

My oldest son joined the Service and left in October.  Close to Christmas, I got news that the soldiers would be able to come home for Christmas.  Well, my son kept saying he wasn't coming home bc he had things to finish up.  I was disappointed and I knew that he had only been gone for six weeks, but I was hoping that we could be together for Christmas.  I had accepted the fact that he wasn't coming home, when he surprised me a few days later!  It was a wonderful surprise and I could see a change in him already.  He was more talkative, smiling more and spent quality time with us.  Having that time with him and my youngest son, caused me to reflect on life and truly realize how blessed I am.  Not to be bragging; but my sons haven't gotten in trouble, they want something out if life and making it happen.  I'm proud of both of them.  Well, yesterday he had to return, so we dropped him off at the bus station.  He didn't want us to stay and I understood.  It was a sad but happy moment.  My son is a man, going out in the world and far from home.  I want nothing but the best for him and want him to follow his dreams.  Here is one of two pics that he let me take.  He hates having his picture made but let me take this one.  I love you De-On!

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